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Music to Eat by Suits Rod

Music to Eat by Suits Rod

Who: Rod Brogan
Where: The Star Hotel
When: Saturday November 7, 1998

ACOUSTIC guitarist ROD BROGAN enjoys playing his instrumentals early on Saturday nights at the Acoustic Cafe while people are still enjoying their meals.

'People have said that they enjoy being able to sit there and be at peace with their thoughts,' he said.

Even the occasional passing buck show tends to mellow out a bit and enjoy a quiet game of pool listening to Brogan, who began playing 10 years ago as a hobby.

'Over the past few years I've thrown everything else in to do this because it just seems to be what I like doing,' Brogan said. Beginning at 7pm Brogan performs acoustic instrumentals accompanied on the didgeridoo, harmonica and and congas by accompaniest ANTHONY ROWNEY. 'It's interesting seeing people's reactions to instrumentals,' Brogan said.

'People expect the lyrics to follow in,' he said.

Brogan plays in styles as Flamenco, blues and classical music.

'We often make up songs on the spot, starting with the chord progression of say a DIRE STRAITS cover, but then taking the melody off to somewhere else.'TE

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