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Classical Style

Classical Style

Who: Karin Schaupp
Where: Mission Theatre
When: Sunday June 7, 1998

SHE has captivating looks, an abundance of charm and has been described by virtuoso TOMMY EMMANUEL as 'one of the best classical guitarists' he's ever seen.

Her name is KARIN SCHAUPPE and, along with Melbourne's 21-year-old SLAVA GRIGORYAN and Perth's 23-year-old ANTHONY FIELD, is one of Australia's rising young stars of the classical guitar.

Performing this Sunday at the Mission Theatre, King St, Newcastle, the 25-year-old former Brisbane performer is giving her first concert in Newcastle.

Brimming with talent and with good looks to boot, it is arguable that Schauppe is the perfect vehicle with which to inspire a second look and listen at classical music.

However, Schauppe shakes off the glamorous tag as irrelevant, although she agrees that it will not much hurt her cause.

'This is a really long-term career and this is something that I want to do for the rest of my life,' she said.

'I guess with the way our media is at the moment, the media is very visual, but it's certainly not the centre of my attention to be visual.'

Schauppe, signed last year by Warner Music Australia, will release her second album, LEYENDA, this month, the follow-up to her debut, SOLILOQUY, in March last year.

The album contains classical Spanish guitar music by ALBENIZ, GRANADOS, RODRIGO and DE YRADIER alongside South American works by VILLA-LOBOS, PIAZZOLLA and BARRIOS.

By performing classical music written for the guitar and music which is suited to the instrument, Schauppe is bringing a younger generation of music lovers to the genre.

'The guitar is very versatile because a lot of the pieces that I play are very gutsy and are not sort of quiet and gentle at all, but I guess it's about showing the guitar from all the various different angles,' she said.

Born in Germany, Schauppe moved to Brisbane with her family in 1980 at the age of 8.

Her mother was a guitar teacher and for as long she could remember Karin heard guitar music in the house.

The decision to pursue a musical career was made very early - she began playing at the age of 5 - and while still in her teens Schauppe gave recitals in both Australia and Europe, winning international prizes in Italy and Madrid.

The youngest competitor at both events, Schauppe won a prize in Spain for Best Interpretation of Spanish Music, a great honour for a young Australian on her first visit to Spain.

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