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Shoot Lucy Gigs Again

Shoot Lucy Gigs Again

Who: Shoot Lucy, Little Hornet, Supersonic, Villian
Where: The Castle Tavern
When: Friday December 11, 1998

AFTER more than a year away from the live music scene, Newcastle's SHOOT LUCY has resurfaced for a gig this Friday night, supporting LITTLE HORNET at The Castle.

Punters are advised to get in early to catch Shoot Lucy, which joins SUPERSONICS and VILLAIN on a four-band bill assembled to promote Little Hornet's fourth CD release.

Guitarist MARK HOPPE said the group, which launched its debut seven-track disc ODE TO BROADMEADOW ROAD in May, 1997, has been working as a backing band for country singer STEVE GIBSON. 'It wasn't so much a break, it was just like we needed a rest, really,' he said.

The band has an all-new original set that is 'more focused'.

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