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Grunter's Sneak In

Grunter's Sneak In

Who: Grunter's Wipeout
Where: Toronto Hotel
When: Friday December 18, 1998

WHAT on earth is 'London's finest cover band' GRUNTER'S WIPEOUT doing playing at the Toronto Hotel on Friday night? Sneaking stealthily into the Newcastle cover scene apparently.

Is the proliferation of cover bands in Newcastle so complete that we're now attracting them from halfway around the world? Not quite.

Grunter's Wipeout is in Australia for the next six to 12 months to record an album of original material on the Central Coast at PARRIS MCCLEOD'S CLOUD STUDIOS. The band's front man KEVIN BROWN says the band's repertoire of 150 songs includes 'the Best of British, current Top 40 and tongue-in-cheek renditions of classics' such as HEY BIG SPENDER. 'Our live set is high in energy with a heavy slice of humour and over showmanship,' he says.

Other members are guitarist IAN PELLMAN, bass player CHRIS DRINKWATER and drummer JOHN HIRE. Brown said the band might play in Newcastle 'quite a bit' over the next year and hopes Toronto Hotel might provide a 'low key' introduction.

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