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Drummer Beats Out his Own Rhythm

Drummer Beats Out his Own Rhythm

Who: Jamie Andrei
Where: Club G (The Barracks)
When: Thursday August 27, 1998

TRUMPET HEAD drummer JAMIE ANDREI will step behind the kit tomorrow night at THE BARRACKS to perform in an experimental set of '90s LIVE SOUND INNOVATION' with DJ PATSAN. Andrei recently placed in the Top 20 in the AUSTRALIA'S BEST UP-AND-COMING DRUMMERS competition run by Melbourne's DRUMTECH, and has played in Sydney concept band THE AUSTRALIAN PEARL JAM SHOW. In Newcastle Andrei has performed in covers bands HIPNOTHERAPY, JEZEBEL'S TRASH and QUIVER, but is interested in developing the 'meld of electronic sample media' and live drums.

In The Barracks collaboration Andrei and Patsan hope to attract a bass player and rapper to complete the line-up.

The performance signals the beginning of a weekly Thursday night BARRACKS INDUSTRY NIGHT hosted by DJ Patsan, featuring DJ 2000, ANDREW ASHBROOK and SHARYN BRAND. Another project, TRUMPET HEAD, is a six-piece fun and groove outfit playing songs by JAMES BROWN, BEN HARPER, SUPERGROOVE, KOOL & THE GANG and STEVIE WONDER.

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