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Get Some Jazz Fun in Sun

Get Some Jazz Fun in Sun

Who: Huge Jazz Combo
Where: Lass O' Gowrie
When: Sunday August 30, 1998

ONE Sunday afternoon a month at the Lass O'Gowrie, Newcastle's biggest party band assembles on the fun side of the tracks down behind Dairy Farmers Corner at Wickham.

It's there that members of the HUGE JAZZ COMBO gather to perform their ritual of jazz and blues covers, and enjoy a cleansing ale in the afternoon sun.

Check it out for yourself this week and say g'day to publican/vocalist SHARON LOBB, GORDON FISHFRY on keyboards, JOHN 'TRAVELLING ELCHOES' McIVOR on guitar, 'SECURITY' BOB EVANS on drums, BRUCE BREWS on percussion, CHRIS 'TRAVELLING ELCHOES' DAWSON on bass, ROSS BAILEY on saxophone and HUGH 'HUGE' GORDON on guitar.TE

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