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Walking in Memphis

Walking in Memphis

Who: Kim Salmon and the Surrealists
Where: Hunter on Hunter
When: Saturday August 22, 1998

KIM SALMON & THE SURREALISTS, playing at the Hunter On Hunter this Saturday night, is all Memphis, and a little bit of Melbourne.

Speaking last year about his latest album, YA GOTTA LET ME DO MY THING, Salmon said he was inspired by rock and roll.

'It's the music that I love,' he said.

One critic described the album as 'ragged blues, horn-driven soul and caterwauling Memphis-flavoured rock'.

'It's hard to find anything that's not influenced by what's happened in Memphis,' Salmon said.

'I mean Elvis, for God's sake.'

'Memphis is where the genesis of black and white music took place.

'You had a collision of R&B, gospel and blues, and a collision of cultures.'

The album, recorded in the former BEAST OF BOURBON'S kitchen, was mixed by Memphis producer JIM DICKINSON who has worked with THE ROLLING STONES and ARETHA FRANKLIN. 'He did things the way they do it in Memphis,' Salmon said.

'But there's also some Carlton in the sound, because that's where a lot of the musicians came from.'

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