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Publication Date Artist/Event Title
19/12/2001 View Pacifier (formerly Shihad)  NZ Rockers Ready to Bring Roof Down at New Year Concert
19/12/2001 View Public Works  New Style as Elvidge Gets Back on Track as Soloist
19/12/2001 View On Inc  No Longer Cranky, this Babs is Home for Good
19/12/2001 View Celibate Rifles  Celibate Rifles Still a Band of High Calibre
6/6/2001 View The Shuffle Kings  Shuffle Kings Ready to Deal With Diversity
23/5/2001 View Martin St James  Hypnotist Has Mesmerised 1.5mill People on Stage, TV Martin Spells Out His Magic
22/3/2000 View A Country Feast  Feasting on Country

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