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Guitar  Sounds Straight  From A Bunker

Guitar Sounds Straight From A Bunker

Who: Jeff Lang
Where: Hotel Metro
When: Wednesday March 1, 2006

AUSTRALIAN guitarman Jeff Lang will play a final round of dates in Australia this month before packing his bags and heading to the US on an extensive tour.

Lang will be travelling right across the country performing from Atlanta across TO San Francisco before flying to the UK to continue his hectic schedule.

Lang's solid bout of touring comes on the back of his latest album, You Have To Dig Deep To Bury Daddy, which was nominated for best blues and roots album at last year's ARIA awards.

Although he did not win, Lang reckons this album is the one he has always wanted to make as it blends elements of all his past records.

``Its intensity of character was further enhanced by the way it was recorded,'' Lang said. ``There was a bunker-ish sort of sound we were going for.

``If you mic up the room properly, the room itself can become a character on the record. I picked a certain space that had an almost claustrophobic sound, like a one-car garage of bricks and concrete.

``I decided to record more-or-less experimentally, to go in with a bunch of instruments, some of which I wouldn't normally use at a gig, like the Turkish string thing (chumbush), banjos, various percussive things, some cheap and battered guitars that had to be down-tuned in case they fell apart.'' Lang will perform at the Hotel Premier at Broadmeadow tonight.

Tickets are on sale at the venue.

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