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Ambitious Work Pays Off

Ambitious Work Pays Off

Who: Andy Clockwise, Alex Lloyd, The Nickson Wing
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday March 2, 2006

CALL it ambitious, but Andy Clockwise knew he had quite a mission on his hands when he began working on his debut album, Classic FM. The concept was to create an album that was `` Prince meets the Pixies meets Bjork meets Sly and the Family Stone meets Beck meets The Ramones meets the Velvet Underground ''.

He ended up with 50 songs to choose from but eventually whittled it down to 30.

``I decided to make something that was true but very unreal. I came up with the idea of having a mix of all my favourite pop songs of all time,'' Clockwork said.

``I wanted to appropriate all the things that make pop music great in one massive piece of work. You know, my opus. I took every single artist, style, concept that has ever resonated with me and tried it.

``The album is hopefully different, but not indulgent.'' Since it was released late last year, Classic FM has been bombarded with five-star reviews and Clockwork has even been tagged by some as a ``genius''. The accolades are well deserved. Clockwork recorded, produced, arranged and mixed all the tracks himself and played most of the instruments.

Touring the album is now his main agenda and he'll perform at The Great Escape in April.

Clockwork will support Alex Lloyd at the Bar On the Hill with The Nickson Wing tomorrow night.

Tickets from Beaumont St Beat, The Rock Shop, Soundworld, the venue, or online at bigtix.com.au.

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