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Rudd And Friends Put Down Roots

Rudd And Friends Put Down Roots

Who: Xavier Rudd
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Sunday January 29, 2006

XAVIER Rudd knows how hard it is to make a name in the music world.

For years the Victorian musician worked tirelessly, releasing albums independently and cementing his place on the country's live circuit.

Now he is only too happy to help others trying to make a mark, having firmly established himself as one of Australia's leading roots artists.

Rudd recently released Canadian hip-hop poet K'Naan's album The Dusty Foot Philosopher through his own label Salt X Records and hopes to give the young artist a leg- up in Australia.

``I released all my early CDs through the label so it's not new, but it's the first time we've put out someone else other than me,'' Rudd said.

``It's something I've always wanted to do. I've always wanted to be able to help artists out because it's just amazing when you get opportunities and sometimes they're pretty rare.

``I feel pretty stoked to be able to offer that to somebody. If I dig what they're doing, or if there's a spiritual connection, you know, then I want to help them out.'' Rudd has gone one step further by inviting the Somalian-born artist to join him on the east coast leg of his tour which lands at Newcastle Panthers on Sunday.

He has been opening each show and joining Rudd on stage to collaborate on the track The Mother. ``I met K'Naan in Canada. He lives there now but he's originally from Somalia, and he's got an amazing story of oppression growing up.

``He writes about the contrasts between the two worlds. He's just incredible. I really connect with him.

``He sort of raps about the contrasts between the two worlds, you know, Somalia as opposed to living in North America, the land of the rich.

``It's all real-life stuff. He's an incredible poet and it's kind of organic too. They sort of more use djembe drums rather than decks and things.'' K'Naan is not the only talented Canadian Rudd has come across.

Before he began recording his new album in Canada, Rudd met Leg 4 tabla player Niel Golden, who he considers a master of the ancient Indian percussion instrument.

Golden features heavily on Rudd's new album Food In The Belly and has also joined him on tour.

He will remain on the road until early next month when the tour wraps up in Adelaide.

It will close an extensive run of shows before Rudd prepares to head over to Europe for his second trip following a successful run of dates there late last year.

Tickets for Rudd are on sale at the venue.

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