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Handy Andy Goes Full Circle

Handy Andy Goes Full Circle

Who: Andy Clockwise, Laura Imbruglia
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday January 14, 2006

A DOUBLE album as a debut might be thought by some as over-ambitious.

But Andy Kelly , also known as Andy Clockwise , thought otherwise.

``I came up with the idea of having a mix of all my favourite pop songs of all time,'' he said.

``I wanted to appropriate all the things that make pop music great in one massive piece of work . . . I took every single artist, style, concept that has ever resonated with me and tried to do it.'' Originally wanting to create a triple album, Clockwise said the album, called Classic FM , is what rock'n'roll music was all about.

With love, sex, passion, fear, death and fun all getting a showing, Clockwise said the whole project was worth it.

``It's taken a long time, a lot of people think that I am crazy but I don't care I think it is the responsibility of the entertainer or artist to take a risk,'' he said.

``Let's just hope I have the talent to do it.'' Clockwise spent eight months locked in a small Redfern studio that was soundproofed with phone books to make the 26-track record.

As well as doing the album's programming, Clockwise recorded himself singing and playing guitar, bass, keys, drums, bells, timpani, castanets and mandolins.

He said inspiration for the album came from such diverse influences as Burt Bacharach and Phil Spector to Outkast, James Brown and Bob Dylan. Clockwise was due to perform in Newcastle in December last year but the show was re-scheduled.

He will now appear at the Northern Star Hotel on Saturday night with support from Laura Imbruglia.

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