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Fun Came Before The Fame For Canadians

Fun Came Before The Fame For Canadians

Who: Comeback Kid
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Wednesday February 15, 2006

WHEN Scott Wade decided to form a band, international success was the farthest thing from his mind.

Wade just wanted to get a bunch of friends together to play around their hometown in Canada when Comeback Kid formed in 2002.

Today, the band is regarded as one of Canada's biggest hardcore exports.

Wade said he approached guitarist Andrew Neufeld, they started messing around and the band went from there.

With a completed line-up that included Kyle Profeta (drums), Cliff Heide (bass) and Jeremy Hiebert (guitar), Comeback Kid began to write and play shows but it was not all smooth sailing at first.

Neufeld and Hiebert were members of another band, Figure Four, so Comeback Kid was forced to plan its dates around their commitments.

``The first year we were around we barely played shows because of Figure Four's constant touring, but I would have to say sharing members has been a plus,'' Wade said.

``At first I thought having two bands would pose a problem but I guess that question might be more directed at Figure Four than us, these days.'' Comeback Kid grew beyond expectations and after playing locally and writing for six months, the band released a demo that quickly gained interest.

``The whole idea of a comeback kid is someone who gets up after the fall, and that's the direction we shoot for with our lyrics,'' Wade said.

``Everyone can relate to day to day struggles, but in the end you've got to keep your eyes focused, because every chance you have you can turn it around into something positive. So that's how we try to look at things.'' Comeback Kid toured the US gaining notoriety for its intense live shows and by early 2003, Californian label Facedown Records had released debut album, Turn It Around. In support of the release, the band travelled throughout Canada, the US, and Europe, sharing the stage with the likes of Terror, Throwdown and Every Time I Die. Their latest album, Wake The Dead, was released last year.

The band has begun working on new material and anticipates it will release something late next year. Comeback Kid is touring Australia and will perform at the Cambridge Hotel on Wednesday, February 15 with Her Nightmare and guests.

Tickets cost $20 from the venue or $25 at the door on the night.

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