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Team Still Chasing Political Laughs

Team Still Chasing Political Laughs

What: Cirque Du Chaser
Where: Civic Theatre
When: Saturday October 15, 2005

AFTER sell-out seasons at the Sydney Big Laugh and Adelaide Cabaret festivals, the team behind ABC Television's CNNNN and The Chaser Decides is embarking on its first national tour.

The stage show, Cirque Du Chaser, will appear at Newcastle Civic Theatre on Saturday, October 15.

``The show actually has nothing to do with Cirque du Soleil,'' member Julian Morrow said.

``It's just a convention of comedy shows to have a title that involves a fairly laboured pun on the name of the performer and we're trying to fit in.

``We certainly won't be doing amazing acrobatics or have high production values.

``But it will be incredibly pretentious and ridiculously over-priced, so there's a link there I guess.'' What punters can expect, though, is the two-time Logie Award-winning team to deliver its brand of political satire in the form of stand-up comedy, sketch, live music and video.

Tickets are on sale now.

Bookings can be made by phoning the Civic Theatre on 4929 1977.

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