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Wood Independent After Music Merry-go-round

Wood Independent After Music Merry-go-round

Who: Tiffani Wood
Where: Gateway Hotel
When: Saturday September 17, 2005

TIFFANI WOOD knows a thing or two about the music industry.

She survived the rollercoaster ride that was Popstars and experienced her fair share of hits and misses as a member of defunct girl group Bardot. Now, as she watches the third series of Australian Idol, the memories are flooding back.

``I'll be watching Australian Idol and you see the really young kids and I just want to reach inside my TV set and say `Watch out', but everyone's got to learn for themselves,'' Wood said.

``Some people are going to just have to do it the hard way.'' These days Bardot is a distant memory for Wood.

She signed a solo deal with Warner Music after the group disbanded and released her single What R U Waiting 4 which peaked at number 27 on the ARIA charts early last year.

Despite cracking the charts, Wood was unhappy with what the record company had planned for her future releases and after much deliberation she called it quits.

Now an independent solo artist with her sights set on the future, Wood has released a single, Devil In Your Soul, and has an album on the way.

But distancing herself from Bardot has not been an easy task for the former Novocastrian.

``I've been taking my CD into radio stations myself and they're saying, `It's great you've come in. If we'd seen Tiffani Wood and thought of Bardot and pushed it to the side . . .

','' Wood said.

``People still think I'm what Bardot were, that I haven't changed.'' But that could not be further from the truth.

Since splitting from Warner Music last year, Wood has set up her own label, Mud Honey Records. She has taken a new approach to her songwriting and music style by adopting a rockier flavour that she says felt natural considering she grew up in ``the rock capital of Australia.'' ``Devil in Your Soul was written after my split with Warner back in June 2004,'' Wood said.

``I wanted to write about how record companies market young artists and how you have to watch out not too fall into the trap of selling your soul in order to crack the big time.'' Wood, who is now based in Sydney, will return home to Newcastle this weekend to perform at the Gateway Hotel on Saturday night.

She will play songs from her forthcoming album which has tentatively been titled Bite Your Tongue. Tickets cost $10 and are ons ale at the venue.

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