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Baby Steps Work For Special Act

Baby Steps Work For Special Act

Who: 67 Special
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday October 8, 2005

GO to your local music store and you'll probably find 67 Special filed in the rock category.

But listen to their debut album The World Can Wait and you will discover the band defies description, hopping from genre to genre.

Call them eclectic or just plain indecisive but for frontman Ash Santilla and the rest of the band, somehow it works.

``I think we all have quite broad tastes so when you get together as group of players, the melting pot of influences is quite large,'' Santilla said.

``But generally I'd say it enhances things because there's just a lot of different flavours in there.

``If you wanted to be in a band that was very set in its ways about sticking to one style and one only then I think that would be a problem.

``But I think we're a little bit eclectic in our nature.

We're definitely willing to try different things, try new things and keep things interesting.'' It has been 11 years since 67 Special was formed by Santilla and guitarist Gavin Campbell, and in that time the band has taken baby steps to get to where it is today.

But in the 12 months since the release of their debut EPs Hey There Bomb and Boys and Girls, the Melbourne five-piece has been worked to the bone.

Refusing to slow down, 67 Special is on yet another tour ``about our fifth or sixth national tour'' and will perform at the Northern Star Hotel on Saturday night.

It adds to an unforgettable year of touring that has paired the group with Dallas Crane, Grinspoon, The Black Keys and UK band Stereophonics who described 67 Special as ``a great band'' on their website.

``It's been a big year,'' Santilla said.

``I think doing those bigger shows, that's where we've really grown up as a band the most on the road, having our eyes open to different things.

``I think it has been great for us. We always thought that we would be a hard- working touring band but now we're sort of learning how to do it well.'' Tickets will be available at the door on Saturday night.

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