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Brighter Day For Grafton Boy

Brighter Day For Grafton Boy

Who: Troy Cassar-Daley
Where: Hexham Bowling Club
When: Thursday October 20, 2005

DRAW up a list of Australia's top country musicians and the name Troy Cassar- Daley is sure to rate a mention. Cassar-Daley is undoubtedly one of the most respected and awarded country artists in Australia today. Since his career took off in '94 with the release of his debut album Beyond The Dancing, Cassar-Daley has toured with some of the biggest names in the world including Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Leanne Rimes and the Dixie Chicks. He performed to a television audience of millions when he sang Waltzing Matilda at the opening ceremony of the rugby union World Cup in 2003.

In the same year he was honoured by television show This Is Your Life and received tributes from a variety of stars including Tommy Emmanuel, Keith Urban and Col Joy. Most recently Cassar- Daley was honoured at this year's Deadly Awards. Recognising the work of indigenous Australians in a range of fields such as sport and music, Cassar-Daley was named Music Artist of the Year.

Now Cassar-Daley is preparing for the next chapter in his career with the release of his sixth album, Brighter Day. It teamed him with the likes of Jimmy Barnes, Kasey Chambers, who provided backing vocals, and Nash Chambers, who produced the record.

In addition to guest vocal performances, Paul Kelly and Don Walker also co- wrote tracks for the album.

Cassar-Daley and Nash Chambers had a simple brief when they began what would become Brighter Day. ``We were set on the idea of 12 strong songs, one instrumental and no time frame,'' Cassar-Daley said.

``We agreed on it to start with, that was the premise we took all through the record.'' The inspiration for the theme of the album came from My Town, a loving tribute to his hometown, written with fellow Grafton boy Walker.

The pair know each other so well that Cassar-Daley trusted Walker to write the third verse, which is about his mother, Irene Daley.

Once he had the 12 songs he wanted for his album, Cassar-Daley looked at each track to decide what could be improved.

He called on Walker and Kelly to add flesh and character to these stories.

``The canvas was there, we just needed someone to come in with a little more paint and give it the finishing touch.

``If you front up at the table of someone like Paul Kelly or Don Walker to write a song you'd better have something of merit ready.

``I made sure I took along things that had something to say. I knew they would give these songs a 100 per cent lift.'' Cassar-Daley has been touring to promote the release and will perform at Hexham Bowling Club tomorrow night. Tickets are on sale at the club.

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