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Rowdy Crowds Crowning Glory

Rowdy Crowds Crowning Glory

Who: The Royal Crown Review, The Mad Caddies
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
Author: Jade Lazarevic
When: Thursday October 20, 2005

SINGER Eddie Nichols will never forget the last time he played Newcastle with his band Royal Crown Revue. The retro American swing band delivered a rousing performance at the Cambridge Hotel which, as always, sent the crowd into a frenzy.

One young fan was so excited that he jumped on stage and attempted to do a backflip into the crowd only to land on his head.

``You guys got the rowdy crowd there in Newcastle,'' Nichols laughed.

``Last time we were there this young guy landed on his head on his skull and I went, `Oh, my God!', and while he was slipping over he kicked this big, beautiful rockabilly girl in the face with his boots and she beat the crap outta him.

``He was already knocked out pretty much but she wouldn't go for it. She picked him up and gave him a couple. Bam! Bam! Bam! ``You guys are a little rowdy, but I like that. I can hang with that.

Anyway I hope that kid's all right.'' Nichols is back in the country with his band which will wrap up its latest Australian tour at the Cambridge Hotel tomorrow night before heading back home to California. Although the band has not released any new material since its last visit, Nichols said fans could expect to hear a new tune he has been working on.

``Sure we'll play the new song.

It's an interesting tune. Some people might laugh at it at first but it's a great song,'' Nichols said.

``I'm not sure of the title yet. I think it will be called El Toro . It's a song that metaphorically is basically about the bull fight from the eyes of the bull.

``But it means a lot more to me.

It's about individuality and the individuality of animals also. It has a lot of meaning for me.'' Royal Crown Revue will be supported by The Mad Caddies.

Tickets are on sale at the venue, Beaumont Street Beat, The Rock Shop, Soundworld or online at bigtix.com.au

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