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Distance  Not A  Barrier For Duo

Distance Not A Barrier For Duo

Who: Women In Docs
Where: Gateway Hotel
When: Sunday November 27, 2005

THANKS to technology, Women in Docs can still function as a group even though members Chanel Lucas and Roz Pappalardoare are living hundreds of kilometers apart.

Lucas recently moved from Brisbane and relocated to Sydney, leaving her buddy Pappalardoare behind.

It has managed to work out for the pair despite the distance.

``We only tour in bursts anyway and with technology the way it is these days, we just email each other and get on the phone, and send music to each other,'' Lucas said.

``It seems to be working well.'' Chanel reunited with Pappalardoare in Brisbane this month to start recording their second album which has Powderfinger guitarist Darren Middleton in the production seat.

Middleton invited the girls to try out his studio in Brisbane while they were working on their last EP, Times Like These, and they were impressed by the results.

``We were really happy with how it sounded so we asked if he'd like to do a whole album,'' Lucas said.

``We've made him get in touch with his inner-folky side.

``It actually sounds really nice. He's got a great ear for guitar sounds obviously especially the acoustic guitar sounds.

``It's a very clean, crisp sounding album. It's very true to what the instruments and voices sound like.'' Middleton even added some of his own ``sneaky'' guitar lines and vocals on the record which is due for release early in the new year.

Women In Docs are on a brief tour and will perform at the Gateway Hotel on Sunday.

It will be their final Aussie run before heading to Canada and the US for a series of tours and showcases.

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