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Fly Boys On A Wing And A Prayer

Fly Boys On A Wing And A Prayer

Who: Dappled Cities Fly
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Friday November 4, 2005

IT has been a year since Sydney band Dappled Cities Fly released their debut album A Smile. A new album isn't expected from the group until early next year so the guys decided it would be a good idea to keep people interested with another project.

``We had the album out last year and recently we've been just laying back recording and writing so we thought we'd give A Smile one last bout,'' guitarist/vocalist Dave Rennick said.

``We decided to get a bunch of electronic artists to re-mix it for us. So it's a way of not actually doing anything and still releasing something cause everyone else does all the work.'' While the re-mix collection is still being put together, it should produce some interesting work.

The band approached a handful of Sydney-based electronic artists and while some declined the offer, they managed to get the likes of Paul Mac, The Presets and Decoder Ring on board.

``We didn't actually give any guidelines to what they could do to our songs and I've only heard one so far, from Spod, and it was great.'' ``So who knows what the actual sound of the thing will be like.'' Dappled Cities Fly are touring and will return to Newcastle to play the Cambridge Hotel on Friday night.

While juggling day jobs with tours, the band has managed to find time to get together and start writing material for their second album. Rennick said the group had been fine-tuning the new songs so they could slip a few into their live set.

``With the first record, they were songs that had been written over three years so this time it was a consolidated effort to write and record demos over a month in a loungeroom. ``It was just a different approach to what we're used to which was cool because it meant all the new sounds were a lot more consolidated. They fit together nicely.``The one thing we don't want to do is release the same album again. I hate when bands do that. It's definitely gonna be a development on the last album. ``To sum it up, I'd say it will be a lot more orchestrated and a lot more simpler musically but more experimental sonically.''

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