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Rose Puts  Sex Back Into The Circus

Rose Puts Sex Back Into The Circus

What: The New Jim Rose Circus
Where: Civic Theatre
When: Sunday November 20, 2005

WHEN The New Jim Rose Circus comes to Newcastle audiences can expect to see some amazing stunts.

Some are labelled controversial but the man himself said the show was a comedy above all else.

``It's like The Three Stooges but it's real,'' Rose said.

While they sold whole seats to the show the audience would only be sitting on the edge of them throughout the performance, he said.

With one of the stunts involving troupe member Rupert balancing a running lawn mower on his upper lip while the audience throws heads of lettuce at the blades, he is probably right.

Rose said this year's show was based on a ``battle of the sexes'' theme.

There were radio stations who held trivia competitions with a battle of the sexes theme, but Rose wanted to step that up a notch.

``I thought, what about a real battle of the sexes!'' One stunt that epitomises the theme involves new troupe member and former porn star Amber Pie competing in an unusual tug of war with a twist against The Amazing Mr Lifto . ntsI it's with a chain that connects their genitals At the end of the show condoms will be thrown to the audience whoever catches the blue condom gets to spend half an hour with Ms Pie after the show.

As well as the circus, Rose has written some best- selling books and appeared on an episode of The Simpsons as well as several appearances on and the The X-Files . He has his own character Psymon on Play Station 2s SSX Tricky and Sledstorm , EA Sports BIG products.

If you've never seen someone eat razor blades, solve a Rubik's cube inside their stomach and regurgitate it or swallow a coat hanger, then The New Jim Rose Circus will be a night to remember.

The show is rated M15+.

It will appear at the Civic Theatre Newcastle on November 20.

Phone 4929 1977 for tickets. ntsI just want to double check number.

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