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Fourplay Strings A Surprise

Fourplay Strings A Surprise

Who: FourPlay
Where: Morrow Park Bowling Club
When: Friday May 27, 2005

WHEN classically trained brothers Tim and Peter Hollo played their first show as electric string quartet Fourplay at a university band competition in 1995, it spelled the birth of one of Australia's more unusual musical groups.

Much to its surprise, Fourplay took out first place in the NSW leg of the Campus Band Comp by covering metal gods Metallica and rap outfit The Beastie Boys. Violin player Lara Goodridge knew she just had to be part of it.

``I was absolutely gobsmacked when I saw them,'' Goodridge said.

``I thought it was so exciting and so different that my heart was racing. I got really, really inspired and thought, `If I could play with that band, I would be so thrilled'.

``And the rest is history, I guess.'' Fourplay celebrated 10 years together this month with a sold-out performance at The Basement in Sydney.

Although Fourplay has not achieved mainstream success, it has enjoyed a healthy following from around Australia, particularly on the festival circuit.

Its original material spans many genres including pop, rock dub, klezmer and gypsy. But it is the band's own arrangements of music by artists such as Led Zeppelin and The Velvet Underground which have become most popular.

``The concept is so amazingly different that people get very excited,'' Goodridge said.

``We all love playing different styles of music. I remember when the boys played their first show, the energy was so great that people were moshing!'' Fourplay will perform in Newcastle on Friday night after being invited to play the final show at the Salarium at Morrow Park Bowling Club, which is closing down.

Goodridge said fans could expect to hear new covers by The Strokes and Radiohead at the show.

Monsieur Camembert fans who head to the show will no doubt recognise the addition of viola player Shenzo Gregorio to the Fourplay line-up.

It starts at 9pm and tickets will be available at the door.

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