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Buzz Surrounds New Festival Favourites

Buzz Surrounds New Festival Favourites

Who: Dappled Cities Fly
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday May 19, 2005

TIM Derricourt reckons he could get used to playing to large audiences.

His band Dappled Cities Fly had a taste of it when they played before a receptive crowd at the inaugural Come Together festival at Luna Park recently, and now they can't get enough.

``I never want to play in front of less people again!,'' Derricourt said.

``There were lots of people and they were all really responsive. We played the Cockatoo Island festivals as well and that was also wonderful, so we've decided that festivals are pretty much our domain.

``We want to play them forever.'' The buzz surrounding the show was electric, with street press Drum Media declaring Dappled Cities Fly as ``easily the best act of the day''. Dappled Cities Fly surfaced when high school friends Dave Rennick, Alex Moore, Hugh Boyce and Derricourt began messing around with instruments when they were 16.

It wasn't until they turned 18 that they began writing songs and playing pubs around Sydney.

Last year saw the release of the band's debut album Smile , which received rave reviews.

Since leaving school the band has played most major cities in Australia and their old high school has taken note, recently inviting the band back to play.

``It's funny because our school didn't even like jazz, so the prospect of a rock band getting up was virtually nil,'' Derricourt said.

``But then at the end of last year they invited us back to perform as kind of the `famous band', but it ended up that time ran out and we only played one song.

``But we got paid so it was great!'' Dappled Cities Fly are on the road and will perform at the Bar on the Hill at Newcastle University on Thursday, May 19.

Despite being one of Sydney's hottest young bands, Derricourt said the band wasn't the type to engage in any rock'n'roll debauchery.

``We've had a lot of great times together on the road.

We're pretty stupid,'' Derricourt laughed.

``I think we'd be the last band you'd ever assign with the cool stick. We don't drink ourselves stupid and haven't got girls with us in the back seat.

``We're pretty tame boys in that way. We enjoy music and act like little boys singing songs and telling jokes.''

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