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The Sheik Is Still At His Peak

The Sheik Is Still At His Peak

Who: Chad Morgan
Where: Hexham Bowling Club
When: Friday July 1, 2005

IN 2002 Australian country music veteran Chad Morgan celebrated 50 years in the business. It is a milestone that he has continued to add to by remaining a driving force on the country music scene as both a writer and performer. He will perform at Hexham Bowling Club this weekend.

Back in 1952, Morgan recorded his first hit, The Sheik of Scrubby Creek. The song remains his trademark.

Morgan recorded the tune when he was aged 19 after winning Sydney radio's Amateur Hour. Each new record since then has been eagerly awaited by his fans.

He has been described as Australia's first native songwriter and a true troubadour.

Fellow star Tex Morton was once quoted as saying Morgan was the ``only original artist in Australia''.

His touring days began in 1956 with Slim Dusty, Reg Lindsay, Nev Nicholls, Rick and Thel and Kevin King. While his contemporaries sing about the serious side of life, Morgan prefers to take a comical approach to his songs.

Each year he can be seen performing at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. He was inducted into the Tamworth Roll of Renown in 1987.

Morgan will perform his unique brand of music at Hexham Bowing Club on Friday night.

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