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Blues,roots Slant In New Offering

Blues,roots Slant In New Offering

Who: Pat Capocci Combo
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday June 25, 2005

FRESH from performing at this year's Wintersun Festival, Maitland muso Pat Capocci is back in town to unleash his latest musical offering.

Capocci will launch his sophomore album Jump Back during two shows in Newcastle and Maitland in the coming week.

Jump Back follows Capocci's debut release, Teenage Beat, and features seven original tunes and a couple of live favourites.

It was recorded over two days and has taken on more of a blues and roots slant.

Despite having endured a couple of line-up changes since the album was recorded, Capocci is excited about playing the upcoming launches with his new-look band.

The Pat Capocci Combo now includes drummer Paul Hainey, bassist Steve Gidney and saxophone player Ben Cairns. ``I was a fan of Paul's last band and his drumming style,'' Capocci said. ``He's got a great attitude and adds a lot of presence to the band. ``Benny [Cairns] has done a few fill-in spots with us before.

He lives in Sydney, so I didn't think he would be able to commit full-time but, to our gain, he has.

``He's a great player who knows so many styles inside out and does justice to every one of them.

``On bass, my long-time friend and long-time member Steve Gidney still holds down the bottom end side of things, which is bloody great news.'' His appearances at the Gold Coast's 10-day Wintersun festival were well received and allowed Capocci to gain plenty of exposure, attracting about 60,000 punters this year.

Wintersun has become an annual favourite for Capocci.

``It's always a highlight in the year for us, with killer gigs all week long,'' Capocci said.

``It's great to see some good bands and play some shows as well.'' Catch The Pat Capocci Combo launching Jump Back at the Northern Star on Saturday night and Maitland's Grand Junction Hotel on Sunday.

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