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Influence Of Shock Jocks

Influence Of Shock Jocks

What: Influence
When: Wednesday June 15, 2005

AFTER a successful season at the Sydney Opera House, Australian playwright David Williamson brings his latest production Influence to Newcastle this month.

It marks the 17th production the Sydney Theatre Company has staged from the man recognised as one of Australia's most prolific playwrights.

Directed by Bruce Myles, Influence turns the tables on shock- jocks, taking a swipe at the power radio personalities can wield in our everyday lives.

John Waters plays Ziggi Blasco, a high- rating Sydney talkback radio DJ who has the ability to influence public opinion with his hardline views on everything from terrorism to political correctness.

But in private, Blasco is a man whose power is waning: his relationship with his wife is strained and his daughter is always attracting trouble.

Joining Waters in the stellar cast is Octavia Barron-Martin, Zoe Carides, Vanessa Downing, Genevieve Hegney, Edwin Hodgeman and Andrew Tighe. Influence will open at Civic Theatre Newcastle on June 15 and continues until June 18.

Tickets are available through the theatre on 4929 1977.

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