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World Flavour Makes Impact

World Flavour Makes Impact

Who: Lior, The Dave Mann Collective
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Friday July 22, 2005

EVERY now and then an artist comes along and manages to make an impact simply through word of mouth.

Such has been the case for Lior , whose reputation has rapidly grown since the release of his debut album Autumn Flow. ``It has kind of been a total surprise, you know. The album was done independently and had independent expectations in that respect,'' Lior said.

``I was really only going into it with the hope of being able to fund the album and get enough to make another one.

``I really didn't have any idea that it would take off the way it has and connect with so many people, so it's been amazing.'' Lior's journey continues this month as he prepares to wrap up his Australian tour before embarking on his first international jaunt.

He has been invited as the only Australian artist to perform at this year's WOMAD festival in the UK and will then travel to Japan to release his album.

Despite appearing as a bit of an overnight success, Lior has in fact been creating music since he was a growing up in Sydney.

``I picked up a guitar when I was 13 and quite early on I got fascinated with songwriting,'' Lior said.

``I think while everyone else around me was learning Beatles songs and songs that were on the radio, I was more interested in making up my own stuff.'' Lior's sound is a rootsy mix of styles that always harks back to the lyric and melody, tempered with a subtle eastern influence from his Israeli background.

Lior was born in Israel but moved to Australia with his family at 10.

His heritage is now reflected in his music.

``It's not something I did consciously. I think just growing up on a diet of eastern and western music shaped my musical repertoire and particularly, vocally, I was drawn to an eastern way of singing,'' Lior said.

``I think it just crept in and over time the eastern influence fused itself with more of the western kind of songwriting.

lw-6 ``But it's a subtle influence. I never really attest to being a world music artist. I just think it's a nice flavour.'' Lior will perform at the Bar On the Hill on Friday with the Dave Mann Collective. Tickets will be available at the door.

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