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Welcome Overture For Weary Traveller

Welcome Overture For Weary Traveller

Who: Sarah Blasko, 78 Saab, Lady Jane
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
Author: Jade Lazarevic
When: Thursday July 21, 2005

SARAH Blasko has developed a bit of a love-hate relationship with travelling.

Just weeks after returning from a trip of the US and Canada to support the release of her debut album The Overture and the Underscore , Blasko is set to depart from our shores once she wraps up her latest tour of Australia.

``It's fun the travel, but it takes a while to get used to it. It can be pretty tiring,'' Blasko said. ``It is really exciting to get to travel but it's one of those things that when you're over there you start to go: `Oh, I wish I was home', but then you get home and you're there for about four days before you go: `OK, let's go somewhere else now','' Blasko said.

Blasko is in the middle of her The Heart of Winter Tour which will bring her back to Newcastle on the eve of her performance at Splendour in the Grass on Saturday.

It marks Blasko's second appearance at the festival, following her 2003 debut, and this time she has been upgraded to playing the main stage.

It will then be back to the US where she will support US singer- songwriter Ray Lamontagne. Blasko understands its takes a lot of work to crack the US market and her promotional visit in June proved just that.

``It was a little underwhelming, just because I guess it's such a big place and it takes a really long time to get anywhere with anything, which I expected anyway,'' Blasko said.

``It's not like I was expecting to turn up and everyone was going to fall over with excitement. But I guess it's just a reminder of what it's like to start all over again in another place.

``I think that's why it's really important to get over there and play some shows more than anything, because I think the way things have happened here has been a real combination of having music out but also people knowing what you're like live.'' There is no doubt Blasko's Australian profile has grown.

She is playing larger venues, having sold out most shows on her last tour, including one at the Cambridge Hotel where she will return tomorrow night.

She will be supported by 78 Saab and Lady Jane .

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