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Group Starts To Reap It's Rewards

Group Starts To Reap It's Rewards

Who: Dirty Pink Jeans
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Thursday January 20, 2005

REAP ITS REWARDS SOLID: Dirty Pink Jeans will perform at the Northern Star Hotel tomorrow and Bar 121 on Friday.

AFTER little more than a year together, DIRTY PINK JEANS has built a solid fan base and is mixing with big names in the recording industry.

But the Newcastle four-piece, comprising frontman JAMES DRINKWATER , guitarist NICK DRINKWATER , bass player DOMINIC GLEESON and drummer JARRED LONG , feel now is the time they could either shine or flop.

``We're at the point where we could really take off or not,'' Nick Drinkwater said.

The way things are going, success seems the most likely option.

Dirty Pink Jeans has just recorded two tracks with producer ROB TAYLOR , who in the past has worked with a range of talent such as THE WHITLAMS , INXS and THE SCREAMING JETS .

``He'll [Taylor] pass them [the tracks] on to his industry friends and we'll see what comes from that,'' Drinkwater said.

Dirty Pink Jeans' New Year's Eve gig with GRINSPOON at THE BREWERY was so well received that producer MATT LOVELL approached the band with an offer to work together in the near future.

Grinspoon is already talking about taking Dirty Pink Jeans on as a support act on their next tour.

The boys are also doing their bit for the tsunami fundraising appeal and will play a charity gig at MEREWETHER RSL on January 30.

``It's the very least we can do at such a tough time,'' Drinkwater said.

lw3 All proceeds from the door and some money from bar if sales will go to charity.

Other upcoming gigs include a solo set by James Drinkwater at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL tomorrow ntsI Jan 20 and appearances by the band at BAR 121 on Friday ntsI Jan 21 and the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL on February 25.

Drinkwater said the support if Dirty Pink Jeans was receiving around Newcastle was a reflection of the time the members had put into the band.

``Because we put in the hours we're performing really well, venues notice that and book us accordingly,'' he said.

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