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Enjoyment: Mental As Anything Will Be At The Cambridge Hotel On Tuesday.

Enjoyment: Mental As Anything Will Be At The Cambridge Hotel On Tuesday.

Who: Mental As Anything
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Tuesday January 25, 2005


For starters the band has taken a new approach to touring.

``We're touring sporadically this summer,'' singer, songwriter and keyboard player GREEDY SMITH said.

Where traditionally the band has toured up and down the east coast, this time they started out in Tasmania, will head to NSW then Victoria before coming back to Newcastle and Sydney. The next stop will be Western Australia before playing two final shows in NSW.

And for their Newcastle show, Mental As Anything has chosen a venue they have never played at before: the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL. The band has also taken a departure from their usual routine by recording in January, Smith said.

The project is a collection of acoustic versions of some of Mental As Anything's best known songs.

Plus two more albums are in the pipeline. Another collection of old hits is due after the acoustic release, followed by an album of new material. if It seems that although Mental as Anything have almost three decades experience in the music business, the band is still perfecting their craft.

``We're still working out how to write songs, it's something you never really suss out completely,'' Smith said.

But when it comes to performing on stage, Mental As Anything like to have their sets down pat.

``We're not a great band for jamming,'' Smith said.

``We don't like to experiment in front of people who pay good money and want to hear songs they know.

``The greatest challenge is to do your own material properly. We gain a lot of enjoyment out of getting things right.'' But by no means should audiences expect a staid performance.

``I love having a good time when we play,'' Smith said.

``I'm a natural extrovert, I like to clown around and have a good time and also to do songs properly.'' Mental as Anything play the Cambridge Hotel on Tuesday January 25 at 8pm.

Tickets are $20.

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