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Guitar Wizards On Tour

Guitar Wizards On Tour

Who: Jeff Lang, Rob Brozman
Where: Morrow Park Bowling Club
When: Sunday January 16, 2005

SOLID: Jeff Lang will be at Salarium at Morrow Park Bowling Club on Sunday.

ABOUT 15 years ago guitar maestro JEFF LANG decided to ditch his band in favour of a solo career.

Performing as a soloist paid off, with Lang's reputation as one of the country's best blues and roots artists firmly in place. So whenever Lang decides to collaborate with a fellow musician, you can be sure they must be someone pretty special.

Lang is on the road with US guitar wizard BOB BROZMAN this month as part of an east coast tour. which will see the pair perform together live on stage. Brozman met the Australian musician at the WOODFORD FOLK FESTIVAL in 2000, when Lang was so impressed by the American that he invited him to take part in a jam.

``I don't think he was familiar if with me at that point but we really clicked,'' Lang said.

Lang, well-known for his love of improvised music, discovered he shared the same passion as Brozman and they instantly became mates.

A year later they recorded the collaborative album Rolling Through This World which picked up an ARIA award for Best Blues and Roots Album.

``There is no solid plan for a new album yet but we have been working on new material so people will hear us play new stuff together on this tour,'' Lang said.

Lang and Brozman will perform at SALARIUM at MORROW PARK BOWLING CLUB on Sunday. Tickets will be available at the door.

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