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Album With A Sense Of History

Album With A Sense Of History

Who: The Waifs, Ben Weaver
Where: Civic Theatre
Author: Jade Lazarevic
When: Friday January 14, 2005

LIVING on the road has been the only life THE WAIFS' JOSH CUNNINGHAM and sisters VIKKI and DONNA SIMPSON have known for the past 12 years.

A Brief History is the title of the trio's new album which ties together some of the highlights from the band's past couple of years on the tour circuit.

Rather than being a recording if of the band's most recent or best sounding performance, A Brief History is an overview of The W s' performances in all styles of venues globally.

``We've been recording shows since 1997 and we definitely wanted to evoke that sense of the length of time we've been together and the amount of time we've been performing,'' Cunningham said.

``A lot of earlier shows were recorded more crudely but some of those have the best moments, so we've sneaked a few of those on.

``It's pretty much an overview of the whole recorded history of the band, the songs from each of our albums.'' lw1 The W s have embarked on if an extensive tour to support the release and will stop over at CIVIC THEATRE NEWCASTLE on Friday night with special guest BEN WEAVER. A Brief History features 31 tracks, including two new songs Papa and Willow , as well as a studio version of the band's most recent single Bridal Train. It follows the release of The W s' breakthrough album Up All Night which has achieved the independent outfit double platinum status.

Fans can expect a new studio album release from The W s later this year.

Tickets are on sale from the theatre and bookings can be made by calling 4929 1977

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