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Tour Turns Into Celebration

Tour Turns Into Celebration

Who: Missy Higgins
Where: Newcastle Entertainment Centre
When: Wednesday April 20, 2005

SHE has sold out shows at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL and NEWCASTLE CITY HALL. Now MISSY HIGGINS will step things up with a performance scheduled at NEWCASTLE ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE on Wednesday, April 20.

The show is one of a handful of dates on the east coast and is expected to be another success for Higgins, whose debut album The Sound of White still tops the charts months after its release.

Higgins will be joined by her full five-piece band on the tour.

Touring has been a constant for Higgins who has played more than 100 shows in the past nine months, headlining and supporting THE FINN BROTHERS, JOHN BUTLER TRIO and PETE MURRAY. She attracted huge crowds during her performances at the HOMEBAKE, WOODFORD and FALLS FESTIVALS and appearances on the REACH OUT TELETHON and WAVEAID. In less than four months The Sound of White has sold more than 300,000 copies and spawned the hit singles Scar and Ten Days. After these concerts, the former TRIPLE J UNEARTHED winner will spend most of the year touring the US and Europe as she begins to build an international career.

``I'm really looking forward to doing these Australian gigs,'' Higgins said.

``It's been a really incredible few months for me so this tour will be a great way to celebrate everything that's happened before I head overseas.'' Tickets are on sale now and bookings can be made through TICKETEK on 4921 2121 or online at the website www.ticketek.com.au

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