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Kat Up Close And Personal

Kat Up Close And Personal

Who: The Spazzys, Osterberg, Amathyst
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
Author: Jade Lazarevic
When: Saturday February 26, 2005

YOU would think that performing for thousands of people during Australia's biggest touring music festival would be more daunting than playing a small, intimate pub gig.

But that's not the case for KAT SPAZZY, lead singer with all-girl Melbourne punk trio THE SPAZZYS. Kat, who is recovering from a bout of the flu which she believed was the result of too many late nights touring with the BIG DAY OUT, said she felt more pressure on smaller stages.

``It's great watching everyone have a good time at festivals like Big Day Out but, personally, I prefer the club shows to festivals just because it's more intimate,'' Spazzy said.

``I get more nervous in a club than I would in front of thousands of people.

``It's not really the number of people, it's just being close enough to see there their faces and reactions.

``You're under a lot of pressure to make sure that the dude at the front is having a good time, you know.'' She has put her nerves to the test again this month in a tour with fellow Spazzys ALLY (bass) and LUCY (drums).

They will appear at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL on Saturday night.

It will be one of many shows The Spazzys have played here in the past year and proof of the band's growing popularity in Newcastle.

Kat said she was always eager to return to Newcastle.

``I love playing in Newcastle,'' Kat said.

``We always do pretty well there. There are heaps of Spazzys fans.'' Support for the group has grown strong with the endless tours and the release of debut album Aloha! Go Bananas which has spawned a stack of catchy punk tunes including Hey Hey Baby and the latest single My Boyfriend's Back .

It also includes the track I Wanna Cut My Hair Like Marky Ramone which was written when the girls first started out in Melbourne.

Incidentally, the trio has since supported and played with Ramone on tour.

Kat said the band was nothing more than a bit of a joke when it started out.

``We kind of did this as a joke that went a bit too far,'' Kat said. laughed. ``In 2000 we played our first show with [Japanese band] the 5,6,7,8s and we weren't serious at all.

``We'd been playing our instruments for three months and it was weird to play a show because we had to learn how to quickly write songs and get a set together.

``It feels like everything is just a bit of a joke.

``If we really wanted anyone to pay attention to us we would have named our band a bit more tastefully.'' The Spazzys will be supported by OSTERBERG and AMATHYST.

Tickets cost $10 at the door.

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