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No Crossed Wires On The Quality

No Crossed Wires On The Quality

Who: 78 Saab, Gerling, Paul Dempsey
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Friday February 25, 2005

78 SAAB was in no rush to complete its second album Crossed Lines. The band decided early early on the band took the decision to take its time with the album and ensure it produced something with which it would be entirely satisfied. with .

Two years on, and after plenty of writing, re-writing, endless demos and several different album sessions with producer TIM WHITTEN, Crossed Lines is complete.

It was the album's opening track No Illusions which helped to set the standard for the rest.

``Before the recording of No Illusions we had a collection of songs,'' frontman BEN NASH said.

``After we recorded it we had the basis of an album we wanted to make.'' Comprising Nash, JAKE ANDREWS (guitar), GARTH TREGILLGAS (bass) and NICHOLAI DANKO (drums), the band lists NEIL YOUNG, DIED PRETTY and THE CHURCH among its influences.

Crossed Lines follows the release of debut album Picture A Hum, Can't Hear a Sound which spawned a string of high-rotation singles on TRIPLE J. One of the album's tracks, The City is Humming , reveals Nash's love-hate relationship with Sydney.

``Since the Olympics, Sydney has been seen as this big international city and the newspapers are full of who's wearing what and who's hot,'' Nash said.

``It didn't used to feel like that. Sydney has a fake sheen to it so much of the time, and that frustrates me.'' Nash will get out of the city this week when he continues to tour with the rest of 78 Saab to support the album's release.

78 Saab will perform at the UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE on Friday night with the likes of GERLING and PAUL DEMPSEY from SOMETHING FOR KATE. Tickets are available on campus at CONTACT.

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