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Zealous Band Back To Basics

Zealous Band Back To Basics

Who: Betchadupa
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Thursday February 10, 2005

A BAND that really is all about the music. At least that's how the members of BETCHADUPA see themselves.

Members of the Auckland-reared but now Melbourne-based band of LIAM FINN (vocals/guitar), MATT ECCLES (drums), CHRIS GARLAND (lead guitar) and JOE BRAMLEY (bass) have barely turned 20 but can already claim to have shared the stage with the likes of PEARL JAM, JANE'S ADDICTION and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. In addition, Betchadupa has produced two albums, two EPs, contributed to four compilations and its debut album alphabetchadupa achieved gold sales in the band's native New Zealand.

The boys have been busy touring of late, stopping in at the FALLS FESTIVAL on New Year's Eve, supporting THE KILLERS in December and playing with YOU AM I in October.

All that came off the back of the release of Betchadupa's second album Aiming For Your Head in September last year.

The production process saw the band get back to basics.

``We've always wanted to just go into the studio and make a record like they used to, where you're all in the room together and you're keeping the taping completely live,'' Finn said. ``We've never achieved that until now and that's what we're happiest with about the record.'' The band took a trip back to the old days of rock and laid down all their the songs in analogue format, feeding off each other and letting the vibe shine through; just what they do on stage.

``It always just seems a bit more realistic to me to be recording onto tape because there's no bullshit, it's just what you play, straight onto the tape,'' Finn said.

``We've always wanted to do that but finding someone who is confident that they can get the best results working on tape, rather than pro tools, and trusting in us that we can play well enough to get it all straight away is another thing.'' Luckily for Betchadupa they found producer NICK LAUNAY , who in the past has worked with MIDNIGHT OIL, SILVERCHAIR and NICK CAVE. ``It was the first time we'd really worked with a real producer,'' Finn said.

``But it was lucky that we were able to work with Nick because he's so dedicated to analogue and won't have it any other way. I think we've all been even a bit surprised at just how well it's worked.'' See Betchadupa at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on February 10.

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