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Sixth Tour For Singer Swift

Sixth Tour For Singer Swift

Who: Ember Swift
Where: Morrow Park Bowling Club
When: Thursday March 17, 2005

CANADIAN artist EMBER SWIFT will begin a sixth Australian tour in March that stops in Newcastle for a St Patrick's Day gig at SALARIUM SPACE .

A singer/songwriter, guitarist and fierce political/social activist, Swift is looking forward to returning.

``We always love it there and it has become like a second home,'' she said.

``We have had beautiful experiences in Australia.

``Audiences have been so open to our music and message, it's not a difficult choice to return.'' Swifts's jazzy vocals and acoustic guitar teams with the electric bass and violin of collaborator and business partner LYNDELL MONTGOMERY. Swift launched independent record label FEW'LL IGNITE SOUND. in 1997. She and her collaborators have since released eight records and performed more than 200 shows a year.

Making up the touring trio is ADAM BOWMAN on drums and percussion.

He also plays on Swift's latest CD Disarming , which will be released in Australia on March 7 and be available for sale at Swift's shows.

Audiences will be able to hear the new material as well as older releases on the tour and Swift hopes fans will engage with the music rather than just listening to it.

``We hope that people leave an Ember Swift show experiencing it or being part of a show and not just being in attendance,'' she said.

``We're definitely not a TV set band; we believe there's a necessary cycle of energy and community that is formed through art and that people walk away feeling the joy of the music and not just witnessing it.'' See her on March 17 at Salarium Space in the MORROW PARK BOWLING CLUB, Wickham.

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