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Blasko's Looking Forward To Chat

Blasko's Looking Forward To Chat

Who: Sarah Blasko
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Saturday February 12, 2005

SARAH BLASKO likes to be intimate with her audiences, although perhaps not as close to them as she was for some of her early gigs.

``Back when no-one knew who I was there was a couple of times where I played in places where there was no stage,'' the Sydney- based singer/songwriter said.

``One time was funny, we were near this door and every now and then someone would have to push their way past us to get out the door . . .

then a big cat walked through.'' These days, being intimate with the audience is not quite so bizarre for the now well- known Blasko.

It means meeting people in the crowd after her shows, something Blasko said she would do on her national tour which stops at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL on February 12.

``I always like meeting people after I've done shows,'' she said.

The opportunity to do so is one of the reasons Blasko is excited about her upcoming tour.

``I'm really looking forward to it,'' she said.

``So far since the album [Blasko's first album The Overture and the Underscore was released in October] has been out, most of the shows have been TV stuff or festivals. I'm looking forward to playing small shows.'' But Blasko was pleased with the response from crowds she played to at the BIG DAY OUT, HOMEBAKE and the FALLS FESTIVAL. ``I really enjoy doing festivals. There's just something about the crowd, they're ready to have a good time,'' she said.

Some of the best feedback Blasko gets is through her website, where fans leave all sorts of messages for her and each other on the guest book page.

``It's a really nice thing, people get talking to people about it [the music],'' Blasko said.

The talk is not surprising considering Blasko's success to date.

The Overture and the Underscore debuted at number 34 on the ARIA charts and earned a coveted TRIPLE J feature album of the week slot. Blasko also has two songs, All Coming Back and Don't U Eva, nominated in the Triple J Hottest 100 to be revealed today. Plus there has been rave reviews from music critics.

Blasko is happy with the direction her music has taken but says she may experiment with her sound so she is ready when the time comes to record her next album.

``I'm just recording little demos . . . if I consistently keep writing I'll have a wealth of things to draw from.'' , trying to make sure I keep doing that and writing songs,'' she said.``I imagine when it comes round to the time of working on another album

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