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Label Very Keen On Panic

Label Very Keen On Panic

Who: The Panics, The Bank Holidays
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday February 19, 2005

WHAT was meant to be just another night performing at a pub in Perth turned into something much bigger for THE PANICS. It turned out the band was in the right place at the right time as it found itself playing before an audience that included PETE CARROLL, one of the founders of UK label LITTLE BIGMEN RECORDS. Carroll's cousin SHAUN RYDER, best known as the lead singer of Manchester band THE HAPPY MONDAYS, introduced the band to fellow Little Bigman Records founder and Happy Mondays drummer GAZ WHELAN, who instantly took a liking to the group.

``They were just starting up a label but didn't have any bands whatsoever and, at the same time, our band was ready to release our first EP,'' JAE LAFFER said.

``We're still basically the only band on the label so they have had a really hands-on approach with us and they've kind of nurtured us for the past two years and it's been great.'' Their debut album, A House on a Street in a Town I'm From , was released in September, 2003, and attracted attention in Australia and the UK.

It was quickly followed with the release of an EP, Crack in the Wall. UK connections paved the way for a trip to England midway through last year which saw the band play a series of gigs including an unforgettable opening night in London supporting the Happy Mondays.

``I was kind of scared the first time playing in London because you don't know how people are going to take you,'' Laffer said.``We did our first show in London where the Happy Mondays had organised a reunion gig. ``So our first gig ever in London was sold-out with 13,000 in this park and we just kind of walked in and went, `F..k! This is our first gig? This is not right.'``But I guess that was one of those strange situations where you just go, `Well this is fine with us!' With their feet firmly planted back on home soil, The Panics have embarked on a national tour armed with a stack of new material.

They will perform at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Saturday night with THE BANK HOLIDAYS. Following performances at HOMEBAKE and THE FALLS festivals, The Panics devoted their time to spending each day rehearsing tunes to start recording their second album at the end of the tour.

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