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Big O Tribute Back In The Black

Big O Tribute Back In The Black

Who: The Roy Orbison Tribute
Where: Adamstown RSL Club
When: Saturday December 17, 2005

Sinclair has always loved the music of Roy Orbison. Since he was a child, Sinclair has remained captured by The star's distinct falsetto and songwriting style were major attractipons. Sinclair said putting The Roy Orbison Tribute Show together was his way of paying tribute to the great performer.

``A lot of concept shows are paying tribute to performers who are still working in the industry,'' Sinclair said.

``Our show is a memorial to a great performer who will never be seen again.'' The Roy Orbison Tribute Show salutes the man who wrote some of the world's greatest pop tunes.

Sinclair performs about 20 of Orbison's classics in the show, including Only The Lonely, Blue Bayou, Sweet Dream Baby, Crying, Pretty Woman, Workin' For The Man, In Dreams and You Got It. The show is constructed to give Orbison fans a glimpse of what it might have been like to hear the singer perform live.

Sinclair's vocal range and stage presence bare an uncanny resemblance to Orbison's.

He was lucky enough to see Orbison perform on six occasions and has adopted the Orbison persona with considerable precision.

Sinclair first began performing in the early 1970s when he released a solo recording at the age of 17.

He went on to form his own band, picking up a residency at the Musicians Club in Sydney where he played for the next 18 months.

After a stint performing on cruise ships, Sinclair joined successful Sydney band Squeeze in 1976 and released the album The Squeeze Is On!. He left the group in 1978 to resume a solo career, releasing the album Let It Take You, which he wrote, arranged and produced.

It was later released in the UK on the BBC's label.

Several of Sinclair's songs have been covered by performers such as Canadian Patrick Norman, Dinah Lee and New Zealand's Tina Cross. His writing and production credits also include scores for film and television. Sinclair teamed with singer-guitarist Greg Young in the early 1980s to form the country music duo Sinclair and Young. The alliance resulted in two more successful years of recording and live performance.

For the past eight years Sinclair has been performing country rock with his band in and around Sydney.

But his work in The Roy Orbison Tribute Show remains his driving passion.

He revels in the opportunity to pay homage to his favourite singer and childhood inspiration.

Sinclair will be backed by his band, comprising Chris Turner (lead guitar), Charlie Farrugia (bass), Wendy Barry (guitar), Jane Galbraith (piano), Terry Malone (drums), Robin Jackson (guitar) and Sussan Campbell (backing vocals), when the show appears at Adamstown RSL Club on Saturday, December 17.

Entry is free.

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