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Leading Lady Continues The Mix

Leading Lady Continues The Mix

Who: Bexta, DJs Suae, Leo, Dexi
What: Mixology 8
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Friday December 23, 2005

IT is no wonder BeXta has earned herself a reputation as one of leading DJ/producers in the Australian dance music industry after 12 years in the business.

BeXta has come a long way since she started performing and producing her own music in 1992, and regularly plays up to three shows in different cities every weekend.

Her early live shows included supports for Bjork and Prodigy , and at events such as the Big Day Out and raves across the country.

BeXta's Mixology album series have also been extremely successful and she recently released the eighth edition, Mixology 8. BeXta released the first Mixology compilation in 2000.

It was a double album that remains the most successful independent DJ compilation in the country.

BeXta recently placed fourth in the annual Technics Top 50 DJ poll alongside Kid Kenobi, Nik Fish and Mark Dynamix. She was the only female in the top five and it cemented her status as the leading lady.

BeXta returns to Newcastle to launch Mixology 8 at the Cambridge Hotel on Friday night with DJs Suae, Leo, Dexi and more.

Tickets at the venue.

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