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Overseas Gigs A Good Thing

Overseas Gigs A Good Thing

Who: The Good
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Friday December 23, 2005

EVER wonder what happened to Newcastle band The Good ? For the past 18 months the band has been absent from the live music circuit while living it up overseas, playing to audiences in Europe and the UK.

The Good's Heather Barnes and Gareth Hudson have returned to Newcastle and will perform their first ``homecoming'' show at the Northern Star Hotel on Friday night.

Touring overseas was a real eye- opener for the pair.

``We played small pubs, festivals, folk clubs and had a great time doing it. Pommies are great for a laugh and they really liked our music,'' Hudson said.

Hudson said he and Barnes not only had a lot of fun but also managed to find their feet creatively in the process.

``Because it was only the two of us, we were forced to strip everything down,'' Hudson said.

``We went out with two guitars and our voices to rely on. Our songwriting has definitely seen the benefit of it.'' Highlights included being flown to Milan to play D&G's International Men's Fashion Show, headlining The Cavern in Liverpool, and playing events such as the Whitby World Music Festival, and Edinburgh Fringe .

The Good will mix things up on Friday night when Barnes performs on double bass alongside a special guest on drums and percussion.

``The double bass adds real depth to our music,'' Hudson said.

``Heather is fantastic. She plays much more melodically than you'd expect from a traditional double bass player.'' The Good will remain in Newcastle until late next year working on their musical The Shining Isle which will be performed then at the Civic Playhouse.

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