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Trio Promises Classics

Trio Promises Classics

Who: Cotton, Keays and Morris
Where: Cardiff Panthers
When: Saturday January 21, 2006

THERE is certainly no shortage of talent between Cotton, Keays and Morris .

The legendary Australian trio shares a combined total of more than 35 hits between them, promising a show full of classics.

The group, which could be considered as a supergroup of the Australian music industry, is made up of Darryl Cotton, Jim Keays and Russell Morris. Cotton, Keays and Morris will perform at Cardiff Panthers on January 21.

Each has a long association with the Australian music industry and together the trio blends its talents and experience to create an unforgettable show.

Cotton was one of the industry's leading figures in the '60s as a member of rock act Zoot . The band had a major hit with its version of The Beatles' Eleanor Rigby .

He has toured all across Australia and around the globe with the likes of Olivia Newton John, Cliff Richard, The Osmond Brothers and Shaun Cassidy. Keays found fame as a member of Aussie rock band Masters Apprentices. With the band Keays produced hits such as Living In A Child's Dream, Turn Up Your Radio, Because I Love You, Elevator Driver and 5:10 Man. Unlike Cotton and Keays, Morris found his fame as a soloist.

His breakthrough hit The Real Thing remains a classic and he also released a string of hits under the guidance of Ian `Molly' Meldrum. His other hits include On The Wings of An Eagle, Sweet Sweet Love, Hush and Rachael.

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