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Bluebottle Kiss

Bluebottle Kiss

Who: Bluebottle Kiss
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Saturday August 20, 2005

BLUEBOTTLE Kiss realise they are one of the lucky bands who have so far survived the unforgiving nature of the music industry.

The band's singer and guitarist Jamie Hutchings said the success of Bluebottle Kiss was due to the band's dedication to produce good sounds and unique music.

He said the songs that were written for the newest album weren't just thought out in a taxi and recorded.

``It sometimes takes more than two years before we will be happy with a song and record it,'' Hutchings said.

``I've never had the impression that you write a song in a taxi and then go to the studio and record it.

``Before we record it, it has to sound good and read well and sometimes that can take up to two years.'' He also said Bluebottle Kiss' fans had kept the band's dream alive because they had travelled to live performances and offered support by buying their albums.

``We have a good fan base that really support us and it keeps us going,'' Hutchings said.

``It's really hard to keep people constantly interested in the music you produce.

``I guess we have just been lucky.'' Hutchings said a lot of people didn't realise how hard it was to make a decent living in the music industry.

He said even though the band had had some success he was still working in sales part-time when not on tour.

But he said music was what he loved and he wouldn't have his life any other way.

``Making music that I and others enjoy is what I love doing,'' Hutchings said.

``There are very few musicians who don't work for a living, a lot of the money in the music industry goes to the Christine Aguiliras and the ones who sell music to six-year-olds.

``Music I think should be unique, the ones that do stick to this formula aren't the ones who become millionaires, but they enjoy their music a whole lot more.

``People might not agree with this view and say; what about musicians like Nick Cave? ``Well yes he is alternative, his music is unique and he has done very well, but how many are there like him in the market that have done that well?'' The band will play at the bfCambridge Hotel nf on Saturday ntsI August 20 , they will be promoting their latest album A Little Bit of Light. Tickets: $15 at the door.

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