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Music Keeps The Girls On Tour

Music Keeps The Girls On Tour

Who: The Beautiful Girls
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday August 18, 2005

NANCY Sinatra nf once sang These Boots Were Made For Walking, but in the case of The Beautiful Girls their thongs were made for touring.

For a group of laid-back surfers, The Beautiful Girls haven't spent much time in the water this year.

Once again they are preparing for the never-ending road of live shows that has become their life, as they grip the bitumen for a run of dates along the US west coast, Canada, France, the UK and the mountains of Japan for the Fuji Rock Festival. This comes on the back of a mammoth three-month sold-out Australian tour, the addition of a new band member and a brand new album.

We're Already Gone had its store debut on July 4 and features the track Ashes (And we'll dance on the ashes of what's left).

Produced by Mat McHugh and Ian Pritchett and mastered by Noel Summerville (White Stripes, The Clash), We're Already Gone is a slightly darker, more mature-sounding Beautiful Girls with tinges of reggae sneaking through.

The newest member of the band is harmonica extraordinaire Felipe, who comes all the way from the balmy shores of Brazil.

The boys were approached by Felipe when he gave the band's frontman McHugh a video at a gig.

McHugh went home, watched the video and saw Felipe sitting in the corner of his loungeroom next to a stereo playing his harmonica along to the band's Morning Sun album.

Fast forward to a few years later and the band's new material and movement towards roots/reggae music called for a creative harmonica player.

Since then Felipe has played at music festivals across the globe with the boys, as well as their own shows here and in the US.

The Beautiful Girls will perform in Newcastle on Thursday, August 18, at the Bar on the Hill.

Tickets are $15 for students or $29 for others.

For tickets, phone 4968 th3717.

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