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Something Special In Their Sound

Something Special In Their Sound

Who: 67 Special, The Casanovas
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday April 7, 2005

LIFE could not get much better for Ash Santilla. His band 67 Special has just released its second EP, Boys and Girls, and will begin a national tour supporting The Casanovas in Newcastle this week.

Best of all, he gets to share the experience with four close mates.

``We're definitely having fun, that's for sure. There always seems to be beer and live music around, so that's OK by us!'' The core of 67 Special was first founded in 1994 when Santilla overheard Gavin Campbell playing Led Zeppelin's Black Dog on guitar.

Santilla was instantly impressed by Campbell and their friendship quickly blossomed through a shared love of early blues and rock'n'roll.

They drifted apart in their teens but re-united in 2001 and started writing tunes.

With the addition of drummer Ben Dexter, keyboard player Louis Macklin and bassist Bryan Dochstader, the line-up for 67 Special was complete.

``We're all very tight, close friends. There's not much in-band controversy or anything like that,'' Santilla said.

``We're all influenced by such a mixture of music. I'm not sure how, but it all comes together.

When we write songs it forms this 67 Special thing.'' Although the new EP has just been released, the band's debut album is ready to go and will be launched in July.

Santilla said holding out the release was all part of the band's ``plan''.

``It's a little bit frustrating to have the album sitting there but it's not that bad because it's all planned and scheduled to be released at a certain time,'' Santilla said.

``Sometimes you just really want it out there but you know, we know it's coming out soon and it will be good so...'' 67 Special will perform at the Bar On the Hill at the University of Newcastle at Newcastle University tomorrow night.

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