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Wait Over For Peabody Album

Wait Over For Peabody Album

Who: Peabody, Further, Karl Kennedy Affair and Nickson Wing
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Saturday April 30, 2005

IT has almost been a year since Peabody recorded its second album The New Violence. But fans of the Sydney indie trio are yet to hear the album as the band has kept it tucked away waiting for the right time to unleash it.

``We recorded the album in mid-last year but we didn't really want it out at the end of last year because indie releases tend to get lost between the biggest releases,'' bassist Ben Chamie said.

``There's a lot going on with festivals and all that kind of thing around summer time so it's hard to make any big impression when you're on an indie label with limited resources.

``We thought if we put it out later, we'd get a bit more exposure and more mileage out of it.'' Ben and fellow Peabody members Bruno Brayovic and Graeme Trewin are on the home stretch now as they prepare for the album's release on May 2.

Before embarking on an extensive tour to support the album in August, Peabody has hit the road with its new single Wrecking Ball. It is a brief run of shows but will bring the band back to Newcastle to play the Cambridge Hotel on Saturday night.

Chamie said he was busting for the album's release and admitted that during the down time between this album's release, the trio had already begun working toward the next.

``It's a bit frustrating to have it sitting there because it's always pretty bad between when you finish recording and when you actually put it out there,'' Chamie said.

``You don't play so much and if you're a musician, you start to climb the walls a bit if you're not playing gigs.

``But it's a necessary evil I guess'' An added bonus arrived recently when Peabody signed a publishing agreement with trendy label Ivy League Records, home to the likes of Youth Group, The City Lights and The Stands. Peabody will be supported by Further, Karl Kennedy Affair and Nickson Wing on Saturday night.

Tickets cost $10 at the door.

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