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International Man Of Mystery Hypnosis

International Man Of Mystery Hypnosis

Who: Peter Powers
Where: Cardiff Panthers
When: Saturday June 4, 2005

AUSTRALIA has almost become a second home to British hypnotist Peter Powers.

Most would be familiar with Powers's work on television, particularly on The Footy Show where he has hypnotised host Fatty Vautin and the crew.

He has also featured in his own television show called Celebrity Superpowers which aired in 2003 and again last year where he hypnotised an array of Australian celebrities.

It was such as success that the show is scheduled for more air- time this year.

Described by British newspaper The Sun as ``the Ali G of stage hypnosis,'' Powers has become renowned worldwide for his cheeky humour.

Powers said he had some surprises in store for his new show but conceded fans could still expect more of the mischief they had come to expect when he appears at Cardiff Panthers on Saturday, June 4.

Powers said he loved coming back to Australia.

``Australians really enjoy their entertainment and make superb, often wild, audiences,'' Powers said.

His new show includes a number of special routines for Australian audiences and although it is adult in nature, the focus is on humour.

For more than a decade Powers has reigned as one of the world's greatest hypnotists and holds the record for the world's longest hypnotic sleep.

Powers set the record in 1993 when he hypnotised a man in a UK shop window to sleep for eight days.

This event was televised and broadcast all over the world, raising money for the charity Oxfam.

He has since broken his own record when, in 1997 at the Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow, he hypnotised a staggering 35 people in one minute under similar test conditions.

He now claims to have improved his skills much further, making him much faster, and said he could attempt a new record in the near future.

Tickets cost $25 per person and are on sale at Cardiff Panthers.

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