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Benson Still Has To Break The Rules

Benson Still Has To Break The Rules

Who: George Benson
Where: Newcastle Entertainment Centre
When: Saturday October 16, 2004

EIGHT-time Grammy award winner GEORGE BENSON will include Newcastle on the itinerary as part of in his upcoming Australian tour.

The date was a late addition to the tour which is Benson's seventh trip to Australia.

He will see Benson perform at NEWCASTLE ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE on Saturday, October 16.

From hard-bop guitarist to rhythm'n'blues superstar, Benson has woven his magic across various genres over the years and found success in every one.

Fans of his work as a rhythm'n'blues artist would know him as the guitar- playing vocalist responsible hits like Give Me the Night, Turn Your Love Around, On Broadway and This Masquerade .

The jazz world continues to treasure his classic instrumental albums of the 1960s and early 1970s.

Benson's million-selling Breezin' album of 1976 practically defined the contemporary jazz radio format.

His name is inevitably mentioned with WES MONTGOMERY, KENNY BURRELL and GRANT GREEN as an improviser who defined straight-ahead jazz guitar in the 1960s, but Benson was never a jazz purist, and his love of rhythm'n'blues, rock and pop became increasingly evident.

Benson is still best known as a jazz instrumentalist but he never hesitates to incorporate funk, soul, and rock rhythms or interpret the popular soul, pop and rock songs of the day.

``I had to break a couple rules along the way,'' Benson said.

``There was an unwritten law be cool, don't get too raunchy. But jazz was once hanging-out music. And the easiest way to involve people is by getting them tapping their feet.

``When they're tapping a bit, they'll go your way. That's when I can float any kind of jazz line into the music. ``Once the audience knows I respect them, they let me be whatever I want to be. I hope, no, I firmly believe, that will always be the case.'' Benson released a new album called Irreplaceable this year.

Tickets are on sale from TICKETEK on 4921 th2121 or www.ticketek.com.au

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