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A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True

Who: The Spazzys
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Sunday September 26, 2004

TWIN sisters KAT and LUCY had trouble pursuing their rock'n'roll ambitions under the watchful eyes of strict parents.

Inspired by the punk rock traditions of THE RAMONES, guitarist Kat and bassist Lucy defied their parents' wishes and teamed with drummer ALLY to form their own punk group.

Adopting the politically incorrect moniker THE SPAZZYS, the girls spent the first two years of their career playing shows around Melbourne behind their parents' backs.

``I've got strict Catholic parents who were pro- school and anti-rock'n'roll,'' Kat said.

``We would play at the Espy and stuff, and I'd tell them I was studying at the library. I had to keep it secret for two years.'' EPs and singles, including Paco Doesn't Love Me and Hey Hey Baby , were released leading up to the band's debut album Aloha Go Bananas. The 14-track album includes I Wanna Cut My Hair Like Marky Ramone, a homage to the former Ramones star whom The Spazzys supported on tour earlier this year.

Backing up MARKY RAMONE was a dream come true for the trio and he was so impressed he made a cameo in The Spazzys' video for Hey Hey Baby. It is not the only high-profile meeting The Spazzys have had.

BLONDIE frontwoman DEBORAH HARRY dedicated a song to them when they supported the band on its Australian tour.

Kat also recalled a meeting with ROLLING STONES rocker MICK JAGGER. ``We met Mick Jagger at Honkytonks when the Stones were out,'' Kat said.

``Lucy and Alice got to dance with him and chat, but the security guards wouldn't let me near him.

``I got sick of them being so rude to me, because this is my town, so they escorted me out in a head lock and I told Jagger to get f....., and he grabbed my arm, asking `Why? What are you talking about'.'' The Spazzys will play a lunchtime gig at the BAR ON THE HILL at the UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE today and at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL on Sunday night.

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